What Happens to Unmicrochipped Cats in a Shelter?

If your cat wanders off or has an accident, then it might not be able to find its way home. If you've microchipped your pet, then a vet or shelter can scan the chip to find out your details and contact you. However, if you haven't microchipped your pet yet, then it might end up in a shelter. What happens then? Your Chances of a Reunion Are Slim If your cat ends up in a shelter and it isn't microchipped, then you have to rely on luck to get it back. [Read More]

Is Neutering or Spaying an Essential Veterinary Surgery for Your Pet?

Is your pet spayed? If your answer is no, it may be due to reservations you have about this procedure. But if you do not want a litter of additional pets, then you should start considering getting your pet this procedure. On the other hand, if you have a male pet, you should consider neutering your dog or cat because of the numerous benefits that this type of vet surgery offers. [Read More]

Dental Issues Your Dog May Have Right Now

If you have dog, then you already have taken care of things like their vaccinations. One of the aspects of caring for your dog, though, means looking after their oral hygiene needs as well. This means noticing when your dog may be having a dental issue. Here are a few of the dental issues your dog may have right now and what to know about each one. If these issues are overlooked, you could end up with a veterinary dentistry appointment. [Read More]

Does Your Dog's Vomiting Warrant a Visit to the Vet Clinic?

Irrespective of your dog's breed, these pets will typically have a raucous appetite, and this is because dogs expend a lot of energy running around, digging up things, barking and so on. Thus, most pet owners will take steps to ensure that they have a constant supply of food to ensure that their bodies keep up with their high metabolism. When your dog suddenly starts to vomit on a regular basis, it can be quite disconcerting for you as the pet owner, especially if the food being regurgitated is undigested, which would imply that the dog is not receiving sufficient nutrition. [Read More]