Two ways a person can prepare their cat for a vet appointment

Here are two ways that a person can prepare their cat for a vet appointment. They can work on desensitising their cat to being handled When a cat is brought in for an appointment, the vet will almost always need to perform a physical exam. If a person prepares their cat for this examination, their pet will be less likely to get anxious or aggressive and then make it difficult for the vet to evaluate them. [Read More]

Dog Care: Bacterial Pneumonia

Bacterial pneumonia is a serious respiratory condition that is triggered by a bacterial infection. The lining of your dog's lungs becomes inflamed, and if not treated promptly the condition can be fatal, as fluid can build up in the lungs and impair their functioning. Any dog can develop bacterial pneumonia, but larger breeds seem to be at an increased risk of this condition than smaller breeds. Your vet may not be able to identify a specific cause when your dog develops bacterial pneumonia, but anything that can enable harmful bacteria to enter the respiratory system, such as a preceding virus or illness that affects swallowing, can increase your dog's chances of developing this condition. [Read More]