3 Reasons to Have Your Cat Spayed Before Her First Heat

If you've recently adopted a kitten or are thinking about bringing one into your life, you're probably planning on having it desexed in the future. For female cats, that involves spaying. This is the common term used to describe the removal of the uterus and ovaries. This sterilizes your cat, ensuring she cannot go into heat and become pregnant. Many owners are surprised at just how soon a cat can start having heat. [Read More]

The Complete Guide To Puppy Training

Puppy training is crucial for many reasons. It helps build communication and trust between you and your puppy, teaches the puppy life skills, helps alleviate stress and helps you identify and manage behavioural issues early, among other benefits. However, several puppy trainers exist, making it quite challenging to find the right one, especially if it's your first time. In addition, not everyone is willing to take their puppy in for training. [Read More]

Why Mats and Knots Can Spell Trouble for Your Dog

If your furry friend lives up to their name, you need to pay special attention to keeping their coat in good condition. After all, dogs, in particular, can quickly become uncomfortable if their hair becomes matted and knotted. What issues can arise if you do not take the time to avoid these difficulties and what type of measures can be put in place instead? Maintenance Issues A dog's coat can often become matted or knotted through improper maintenance. [Read More]

What Happens at a Puppy's First Vet Visit?

When should a new puppy meet their vet for the very first time? Whoever provided the puppy (whether they were adopted from an animal shelter or purchased from a breeder) may have their own recommendation, or you could simply ask your new prospective vet about the best schedule. The answer is likely to be that your puppy should be checked sooner instead of later. But what's the purpose of this very first puppy vet checkup? [Read More]