Why Mats and Knots Can Spell Trouble for Your Dog

If your furry friend lives up to their name, you need to pay special attention to keeping their coat in good condition. After all, dogs, in particular, can quickly become uncomfortable if their hair becomes matted and knotted. What issues can arise if you do not take the time to avoid these difficulties and what type of measures can be put in place instead?

Maintenance Issues

A dog's coat can often become matted or knotted through improper maintenance. You should get into the habit of washing and conditioning their hair as recommended by your vet and brushing or combing using the correct techniques. Ask your vet or a grooming expert for advice, and they'll show you what you should and shouldn't do on a regular basis.

Sensible Actions

Also, don't allow their hair to become wet without taking action shortly after. Certainly, many dogs love to jump in the stream when you take them for a walk in their favourite park, but if you simply let the water air-dry through the rest of the day, it can encourage the formation of knots.

Developing Issues

When knots and mats become more extensive and are a lot closer to the skin, the pet may become uncomfortable. After all, the skin will not be able to breathe as efficiently as before, so the pet is likely to get rather hot. In the worst-case scenario, some bacteria or fungus could actually grow beneath the matted or knotted area, making the skin very sore.

Treating the Problem

If the pet only has a few mats or knots that you're finding difficult to deal with, a grooming expert will probably be able to take care of those individually. Still, you will want to take action as soon as possible, as if the matter is left to worsen, they may need to have most of their coat removed. Of course, the hair will eventually grow back, but this scenario can typically be avoided altogether through proper maintenance and regular visits to the grooming salon as and when needed. And remember, dogs will generally love a grooming session at home as well, especially if it makes them feel closer to their loving owner.

Ask the Experts

Don't forget that if you need any tips about pet grooming services, reach out to a groomer for more information. They'll help you keep your four-legged friend as happy as possible so that they look their best whenever they're out and about.