Why Dog Grooming Is Not Simply About a Fresh Trim

As a pet parent, you are aware that vet services are a critical part of maintaining your dog's overall wellbeing. However, for many dog owners, these vet services are limited to vaccinations and perhaps emergency care since they assume that the day-to-day care of their pet can easily be handled at home. While brushing your pet's coat and occasionally trimming their fur may seem sufficient to ensuring your animal remains presentable, you should note that professional dog grooming encompasses much more than that. In fact, you may be surprised to learn that dog grooming is just as vital as keeping to their vaccination schedule, as it goes a long way in enhancing their overall health! If you have been skimping on enlisting these services under the presumption that you are saving on costs, read on to learn why dog grooming is not simply about a fresh trim.

Dog grooming eliminates odours

Most people can concur that pets smell. From their paws to their coats and even their mouths, it can be challenging to cuddle with your pup or even let them onto your couch or bed due to the pungent odour that they carry around with them. However, this seemingly intrinsic stench is primarily due to poor grooming. Even with a regular bath, the dog's fur is prone to harbouring debris. Not to mention that brushing your pup's teeth can prove to be a herculean task. Professional dog groomers are trained in cleaning your entire dog's body as thoroughly as possible. Enlisting these services on a scheduled basis will ensure that all grime is eliminated from their body, even at hard to reach places such as the back of their jaws, and this keeps your pup smelling fresh for longer. The groomers can also identify if there is an underlying reason why your pup smells exceptionally foul, for example, if this is due to progressive tooth decay.

Dog grooming mitigates ear infections

When it comes to your pup's health, you probably never consider their ears and this is not surprising. Many pet owners overlook ear health simply because they are unaware of the high risk of infections that these body parts face. Yet, when ear infections do happen, they can adversely affect your dog's wellbeing to the point that they lose their appetite, develop a fever and more. While an excessive accumulation of wax is one of the leading causes of recurring ear infections, other issues to be wary of include the presence of ear mites, bacterial infection, yeast infections and so on. When your dog is groomed professionally regularly, the groomers will pay special attention to their ears as they would other body parts. For starts, they will employ specialised techniques to address any wax. Secondly, they will shave off excess ear fur and inspect for the presence of parasites that could pose a threat of infection.

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