Questions and Answers About Pet Desexing and Aftercare

When your pet has desexing surgery, you want it to feel comfortable afterwards. Usually, most pet desexing surgeries have no problems. However, you should take steps to ensure your pet is comfortable and has no complications. Here are some questions and answers you may have about pet desexing surgery and what to expect afterwards. Is Desexing Surgery Major Surgery? Desexing is a major surgical procedure, especially for females. With females, the surgeon goes into the abdominal cavity to remove the uterus and ovaries. [Read More]

When a Dog Needs a Dental Crown

When a tooth has deteriorated to the point that a filling won't have much effect, you're likely to need a dental crown. The same can be true for your dog. It's not as though your dog will be regularly snacking on sugary treats, but their teeth can still be affected by decay, or the damage might have been more instantaneous (caused by an accident). It's not like you or your vet (or your dog, for that matter) will be satisfied leaving a damaged tooth as is, so a dog dental appointment might be in order. [Read More]

Why Dog Grooming Is Not Simply About a Fresh Trim

As a pet parent, you are aware that vet services are a critical part of maintaining your dog's overall wellbeing. However, for many dog owners, these vet services are limited to vaccinations and perhaps emergency care since they assume that the day-to-day care of their pet can easily be handled at home. While brushing your pet's coat and occasionally trimming their fur may seem sufficient to ensuring your animal remains presentable, you should note that professional dog grooming encompasses much more than that. [Read More]

Five Considerations for Cat Owners Introducing A New Cat

Introducing cats into a household of existing cats can be a stressful process. There are many things to consider when looking for a new cat and many other things to consider for initiating them into your family. While cats are not social by nature in the wild, humans have come up with many successful strategies for making your feline friends cooperate with each other. Below are five considerations when looking to add a new cat into your home. [Read More]