Considerations to Make When Purchasing a New Cat

If you would like to purchase a cat, it is most advisable to look up cat breeders in your area so that you may find the breed that you want.  Once you have a list of potential breeders you would like to meet with, you need to have a list of questions in mind to ensure you are making an informed decision when you are purchasing one of the pets for sale.

Consider the upbringing of the kitten

The first thing that you should find out from the cat breeders is how they raise the kittens as well as the living conditions that they are subjected to. Cat breeders who raise these cats for sale "underfoot" means they allow them to roam free. This is a good way of breeding as it allows the kittens to interact with people as well as their surroundings. You should request the cat breeders to allow you permission to view the place that the cats are bred. A good breeding home will be clean and lacking in any foul odours or sick pets.

When you meet with the breeders, you should ensure they have the necessary documentation that allows them to breed cats. This usually comprises of a license. Also, find out the number of cats that the breeders have at any given time. Good breeders should always have adequate space for all the cats that they are breeding.

Consider the kitten's health

When you meet up with cat breeders, you should also inquire about the kitten's health. This should be shown to you in writing, as every cat should have a veterinarian's card. This card will list all the vaccines the cat has had. It will also list any health concerns the cat may have if any.  Find out from the cat breeders if there are any genetic diseases that are common with that particular breed. If there are some genetic diseases, you should find out whether the health guarantee you get for the kitten will cover any vet costs that you may accrue to treat these diseases.

Always ensure the cats that you are contemplating have a veterinary health card. This health certificate will let you know if the kitten is free from any diseases or any parasites. You may also want to find out from the cat breeders if the male cats for sale have been neutered. If they have, you should ensure you get documentation to prove this. All this makes it easier for you to know what vet services you'll need.